What Is Your Speaking Style?


What Is Your Speaking Style?

How we interpret information and perceive situations can have a tremendous impact on the relationships that we want to build with each other. What is your Personality Dimensions® speaking style? Learn how to respond positively rather than reacting negatively.

The Catalyst (Diplomatic-Blue)®

Emphasis: Anything Valued Or Believable. “Let Me Help You To.”

The Improviser (Tactical-Orange)®

Emphasis: Anything Promotable. “Let’s Do It!”

The Theorist (Strategic- Green)®

Emphasis: Anything Conceptual. “Research Clearly Shows That.”

The Stabilizer (Logical- Gold)®

Emphasis: Anything Useful. “What I Know Is.”

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What is Business Coaching?

​Through our interactive coaching program, we work with adult and youth clients to identify specific challenges, establish usable goals, and improve communication and presentation skills.  This is an excellent program to assist clients who require immediate and concrete results in order to deliver presentations and prepare for interviews with confidence.

“Invest in the human soul.
Who knows,
it might be
a diamond in the rough.”

Mary McLeod Bethune

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