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R70 Let’s Work On Your Communication Skills

Improving your ability to eliminate communication blocks will help you to move forward.  This program concentrates on maximizing your understanding of the importance of personal factors (skills, attitudes, and beliefs), communication styles, collaboration, assertiveness, and interpersonal skills.  Learn how to differentiate between positive and aggressive behaviour, and respond effectively to the different communication and behavioural styles.

R71 Presenting You!

Delivering presentations is often described as “the second business of every business.”  You can promote yourself confidently and professionally!

Learn tips on effective interviewing strategies, how to avoid information overload, and build your presentation house.  Create and present your own brief presentation, and receive constructive and encouraging coaching feedback.

Understanding Conflict

R72 Introducing Conflict Part I

This is an introductory course to managing conflict. The program introduces you to the concepts, identifying your management style preference, conflict indicators, and provides several key skills and effective steps to help you effectively resolve conflict.

R 73 Managing Conflict Part 2

This in-depth course expands on the principles learned in R72.   We will discuss early sources that impacted how you handled conflict in the past. Our work includes understanding the theory in greater detail by using various conflict management models.  You will explore interpersonal relationships, and establish guidelines for healthy conflict interaction.


R80 Leadership- Are You Ready For It?

Visionary and servant leadership inspires, motivates, and produces results. Learn how to recognize different leadership styles, the importance of assertive delegation, positive and influential communication, and how to develop positive techniques in order to create maximum impact and influence.

R81 Build It – Your Team Will Come

Your value system determines your job satisfaction. This workshop focuses on achieving the following: understanding the stages of team development, defining the characteristics of high performing and low performing teams, identifying different personalities within the team structure, how to effectively handle conflict, identifying the key team priorities, and providing an action plan for implementing changes to successfully maintain team effectiveness.


R90 Move Your Own Cheese

The program provides direct and effective strategies to help you identify, create, visualize, and accomplish your goals.  We keep it simple, memorable, and manageable!

R91 Look Beyond Your Brick Wall

Turn adversity into advantage.  We will have a conversation about resiliency, and how to positively challenge your belief system.  This includes developing coping strategies for stress, and understanding how to manage your negative habits.

R92 Inclusion and Diversity

We are all connected as part of an evolving cross-cultural global village.  We provide useful strategies and activities on how to enhance self-awareness, and engage in meaningful and safe dialogue in order to create a fair, safe, and equitable workplace.

R 93 Develop Your Inner Intuition

Our brain is designed to make decisions based on the information provided. Some information may be based on intuition, which is a significant aspect of how people interact, understand their environment and make decisions.  We will explore the characteristics of intuition, and how to incorporate it effectively in our decision making process.

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