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Women’s Programs and Networking

Just Choose Results hosts community programs especially designed for women to booster self-confidence and communication skills in a supportive environment.  Our interactive and introductory programs include networking opportunities and the promotion of businesses and services.

Certificates of completion are available for professional self-development credits, and we continue to update the program topics based on customer interest.  Please contact us to register for upcoming programs.

R100 Managing Conflict

Learn how to identify and work with different conflict management styles, and how to incorporate effective coping strategies to handle difficult situations.

R101 Assertive Communication

Learn how to recognize assertive communication styles and behaviour, and how to assert yourself positively without being aggressive.

R102 Women and Anger

Anger is a natural emotion. We explore the causes and effects of uncontrolled and unexpressed anger, anger management styles, and how women can choose to express themselves without losing self control.

R103 Women and Leadership (Follow the Leader)

Understand and evaluate your leadership style preference. Learn how to effectively utilize your strengths to help create your leadership vision.  Incorporate effective communication and delegation skills to help motivate others.

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