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Through our interactive programs and seminars participants will learn how to improve self awareness & interpersonal communication, increase productivity, and resolve conflict. We can also reference other behavioural styles. Our Personality Dimensions® inventory assessment is delivered by our licensed facilitator

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Each program is designed to accommodate your individual requirements. Workbooks, certificates, and reference material are all included. Please contact us to obtain a cost effective quote, including information on group rates, and value-added discounts for additional services.

Our Program Information

Programs and speeches are customized to accommodate your specific requirements, material and activities are included. A Certificate for attendance and completion are provided to all participants at the conclusion of each program.

For additional information and pricing, please contact us for a cost effective quote.

If there are programs you are interested in that may not be listed in our summary, we will create a specific program for your organization.

Our self development programs cover the following topics:
Incorporating useful time management strategies
Incorporating professional communication and presentation skills every day and in every situation
Learning how our personality preferences influence our behaviour, perceptions, relationships, and our decision-making process
Identifying and implementing effective conflict resolution strategies
Learning how to effectively create and implement solutions
Contact us if there are other programs you are interested in that may not be currently listed in our summary.



JCR 70: Effective Listening Skills

People who communicate well understand the importance of listening. Relationships and self confidence flourish due to effective listening skills. Develop and incorporate useful listening strategies to use every day and in every situation.

JCR 71: Great Communication Skills

Improving your ability to eliminate communication blocks will help you develop self confidence which can contribute positively to your organization, and improve interpersonal relationships.
Effective communication skills are essential in every aspect of our lives.
This program concentrates on ways to maximize your understanding of the importance of personal factors (skills, attitudes, and beliefs), communication styles, collaboration, assertiveness, and interpersonal skills.

JCR 72: Present Yourself

The making of presentations is often described as the second business of every business. You can promote yourself confidently and professionally. Learn tips on effective interviewing strategies, how to avoid information overload, and how to build your presentation house.
Create and present your own brief presentation, and receive feedback in a supportive and non threatening environment.

JCR 73: Customer Service For Frontline Staff

You are the frontline representative for your company, or organization. Improving your communication skills is extremely important. This program will provide you with the tools to recognize your customer’s needs, and incorporate excellent communication etiquette every day. You will become a more disciplined and organized communicator, who can create and implement effective solutions.

JCR 74: Managing Conflict

Learn about significant conflict management concepts that include identifying your conflict management style preference, and conflict indicators. The program explains key skills and provides effective steps to help you resolve conflict. You will learn effective strategies on how to establish useful guidelines for healthy conflict interaction.



JCR 80: Leadership: Are you ready for it?

Visionary leadership inspires, motivates, and produces results. Learn how to recognize different leadership styles, the importance of assertive delegation, and develop positive techniques to create maximum impact and influence.

JCR 81: Effective Supervisory Skills

This interactive workshop is designed to help supervisors and managers with essential skills to effectively supervise others. Identify your own strengths and areas for development.
Learn how to enhance your communication and delegation capabilities. Develop goals and standards, practice and develop coaching skills, as well as the ability to use creative tips to help resolve conflict. Learn effective ways to energize and motivate your staff.

JCR 82: Building A Great Team

Your value system determines your job satisfaction. Our team building program focuses on achieving the following: understanding the stages of team development, defining the characteristics of high performing and low performing teams, identifying different personalities within the team structure, how to effectively handle conflict, identifying the key team priorities, and providing an action plan for implementing changes to successfully maintain team effectiveness.

JCR 83: It's A Matter Of Time

You have the time to make time work for you. Understanding our own behaviour is the key to developing effective time management skills. Learn how to identify your time management personality style, and develop several effective strategies to help you make the best use of the time that you have.


Coaching & Mentorship

JCR 100: Youth Self Development Coaching

Our goal is to help students develop their communication & presentation skills through one-on-one or small group coaching programs. This is an excellent program to help students improve their speaking skills, increase confidence, prepare them for school presentations, college and university interviews, and job interviews. We use a Personality Dimensions Inventory to help identify our student’s skill level and personality preference style prior to the coaching sessions.

Our topics include: how to organize your thoughts, speech development, developing confidence through assertive and positive (body) language, uncovering your speaking voice, exercises and projects, and a speech presentation. A post follow-up service is also available. Contact us for more information on this highly successful program.

JCR 101: Move Your Own Cheese

Our goal is to help our clients develop their communication and presentation skills through one-on-one or small group coaching sessions. Our programs are specifically designed to provide immediate and specific solutions based upon your individual needs. We use a Personality Dimensions Inventory to help identify your skill level and personality preference style prior to the coaching sessions. We offer a variety of reasonable packages to accommodate your availability and requirements. Please contact us directly for more information.

Personality Dimensions®

This self discovery process system builds upon the foundations created from temperament theories that have been around for hundreds of years; from Hippocrates, to Carl Jung, Myers Briggs, David Keirsey, and Linda Berens.

Your personality preference helps to explain how you interpret information, and influences every decision you make. Learn how to identify your preferred learning and communication environment, and recognize what factors motivate you.

We offer a specific personality preference assessment inventory that is engaging, informative, and interactive. It is tailored to suit individuals or teams who want to create effective and productive relationships with others, and have improved self awareness and understanding.

Keynote Speeches

Professional Speaking

Contact us if you require an experienced and entertaining speaker for your next meeting, convention, conference, or special event. We offer a variety of speeches to accommodate your specific needs. Our topic selection includes:

Motivational speeches


Information speeches


Formal keynote speeches


Specialty speeches


Humorous speeches


Women’s Programs and Networking

Ladies, let’s have the conversation! We host and facilitate self development programs created specifically for women. They are designed to booster self confidence and communication skills in a supportive environment. Our interactive programs include networking opportunities and the promotion of businesses and services.

Program material, certificates for professional self development credits, and refreshments are included. We continue to update topics based on customer interest. Please contact us to register for upcoming programs in your area, to contribute as sponsors, or for vendor opportunities.
We are available to provide our specific women-centred programs for companies and organizations. Please contact us for more information.

Managing Conflict

Learn how to identify and work with different conflict management styles, and how to incorporate effective coping strategies to deal with challenging situations.

Assertive Communication

Learn how to recognize assertive communication styles and behaviour, and how to assert yourself positively without being aggressive.

Women and Anger

Do you see red? Anger is a natural emotion. We explore the causes and effects of uncontrolled and unexpressed anger, anger management styles, and how women can choose to express themselves without losing self control.

Women and Leadership

Understand and evaluate your leadership style preference. Learn how to effectively utilize your strengths to help create your leadership vision. Incorporate effective communication and delegation skills to help motivate others.
“First say to yourself
what you would be;
and then do
what you have to do.”

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